One of my primary interests is communication and effective presentations are a key part to that. However, I find that quite often people ignore McLuhan and present information without regard to media. Presentations are a performance art. The information transfer is therefore fleeting and detail is impossible. Simply posting your slides is not really an answer either as they are often the score without the music. My strategy in this area has been to gloss my presentations on the web  with brief descriptions for each slide as well as further reading so that participants can further explore a particular topic or subtopic. The downside of this is that it requires a fair amount of work on my part to get this on to the web and there is often some delay in getting them up. This page is an attempt to collect my glossed presentations into one spot. If you have seen one of my talks and would like to see it given this treatment, feel free to reach out to me and I will prioritize it.

This is the IdeaSpaces Presentation I gave to the New Media Consortium Conference and the HCC Faculty Conference in 2014. It was the first fully-formed exploration of the topic and lists some of my original sources.
150707ideaspaceschange.001 This is the 2015 IdeaSpaces presentation that delves further into the concept and how we have developed it into actual spaces and programs. It has been delivered in multiple venues and in slightly different forms, Most notably, I presented this at the 2015 New Media Conference in Alexandria, VA in June 2015.
Slide 1 This is the 2016 Presentation in which I outline the concept of Innovation Loops that build upon the IdeaSpaces in a programmatic function. I specifically discuss our Teaching Innovation Lab concept and how it was developed using lessons learned from past innovation projects.