One of my key IdeaSpaces is a visual one. It is a tough discipline but one that takes me to intellectual spaces that complement my writing nicely. I’ve been doing serious photography since 1982, using cameras from 35mm to medium format to view cameras in the intervening years. Since 2005, my work has been almost exclusively digital. Photography forces me to look for patterns in the world and try to achieve balances in my images that help me to look for similar balances in my attempts to make sense of people and their interactions with technology.

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I specialize in Architectural and Landscape Photography.

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I have published photography in Popular Photography and other publications and have exhibited in numerous gallery shows in the Houston area. All of my images are registered with a Creative Commons license for noncommercial use. If you are interested purchasing or licensing any of my images, please feel free to reach out to me at I can also be reached at my photography business phone at 281-748-3684.