BWprofilepic3Tom Haymes brings with him a unique combination of experience. From over 30 years in technology (going back to his Apple ][+ in 1981) to over 30 years in photography (Haymes Images Website) to over 15 years as an educator to 25 years as a political scientist. For the last 12+ years he has been a technologist, which combines all of these experiences in a unique way. IdeaSpaces is an outgrowth of Tom’s interest in design and the visual aspects of environment combined with his social scientist’s interest in organizational change and growth. Tom is also a keen historian who has published articles on military history, particularly as it relates to innovation, and uses his extensive research in that area to inform him of the history of successes and failures that led us to today.

Tom is the proud father of five ambassadors to the future (Nikki, Tessa, Carter, Rob, and Lexy) and married to a wonderful woman who keeps it all together for him.

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A career of applying SPACE-TIME-STRUCTURE
to Education and beyond



  • Produced West Houston Institute Promotional Video


A Chronological Typology of Tom’s Career