This project represents both practical and theoretical experience in examining how Generative AI impacts how we learn, see the world, and innovate going forward.

How AI Impacts our Ability to See:

Generative Augmented Perspective Video Series

Part 1: The Future Past

Part 2: The Past Future

Part 3: Future Perspective



Designing Transformative AI

Technology has the ability to transform societies. However, not all technology does. AI is a broad field with lots of competing ideas of how it is best employed. Like with every previous technological revolution, some technologies will succeed and others will fail, becoming footnotes in history. The same will be true for AI transformations. Successful applications of AI will incorporate how societies and individuals adapt and adopt technologies to change their everyday existences. Unsuccessful ones will not. This video series explores the key aspects of humanity that all transformative technologies must touch to transform how we live, play, and learn.

Transformative AI Video Series

Technology Transformations Introduction

The Model

The Incomplete PC Transformation

How We Got to Now

Mindful AI is Transformative AI


AI and Education

AI will have profound effects on how we learn and innovate. However, it challenges key aspects of our educational systems. This is just a continuation of a trend of the contradictions between technology and  industrialized education dating back more than 50 years. This video describes how educational systems have reacted to changes in technology dating back to the 19th Century to give us the systems we have today and how digital technology, and especially AI, challenges those structures.


These blogs, written in the first half of 2023, analyze how educational systems are challenged by the popularization of Generative AI.